Got this postcard from Canada! Shown here is a city in the United States – Cincinnati, located in the southwestern corner of Ohio! My work in insurance (oh great he’s talking about his job again) is focused on areas in Ohio, though I have yet to visit. Cincinnati is Ohio’s third-largest city, trailing only behind Columbus and Cleveland. Since I like food, I’m gonna start with a foodie fact about Cincinnati – it’s the chili capital of the world! There’s a thing called Cincinnati Chili, which is used to top spaghetti (and sometimes hot dogs) and consists of spices such as cinnamon, allspice, cumin and nutmeg. Cincinnati chili was started by two Macedonian immigrants who began a chili parlor known as Empress, which didn’t do so well until they came up with this “spaghetti chili” using Mediterranean spices. By the way, if you order a Four-Way chili in Cincinnati, expect to get a huge heap of cheese and onions to accompany your chili and spaghetti (and with Five-Way Chili you also get beans)! Cincinnati is also home to the first professional baseball team in the US – the Cincinnati Red Stockings! (Now simply known as the Cincinnati Reds.) Shown in this card is the downtown area of the city, with one of the focal points being the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, which goes across the Ohio River. In front of that cityscape you can see a football stadium (that’s, American football BTW), which is home to the Cincinnati Bengals. Up in the foreground you can spot a Holiday Inn, a Lexus dealership, and I’m pretty sure there’s a Waffle House too… I can spot that blocky text miles away! Thank you so much for sending me this postcard!