Take a gander at this lovely Official Postcrossing postcard from Russia! Nothin’ like a sunrise/sunset view for the admiring eye! With me having a high curiosity level and low focus level, I was triggered to do some research on how one can distinguish if a photo of something like this is a sunrise or a sunset. Without any obvious indicators in the picture, of course (a picture with the photographer’s watch in the photo would be a blatant loophole – I’m a slowpoke but that one doesn’t elude me!) There isn’t much beyond the theoretical – there were some people saying that one indication might be how the light from the sun is dispersed. When the sun rises, there are fewer particles in the air as less human activity is occurring at that time; therefore, when the sun sets, many more particles have been stirred up, which is thought to lead to more immaculate sights because of how the light is distributed among those particles. Another theory is the temperature of the air – sunrises occur when the air has not been recently heated, and sunsets the opposite. So when you’re on a date and you wanna impress your partner before a remarkable sunset (or sunrise, if you’re hardcore like that), throw him/her this tidbit of knowledge. Guaranteed second date! Thank you so much for this beautiful postcard, Svetlana! (And FYI, this card is a sunset 😉 )