I’m OVER-thrilled to share with you this card from Japan! One anime franchise that I’ve been watching a lot of in the recent year and some change is the one shown here – Mobile Suit Gundam! This is a huuuuge line of shows (and yes, I say “shows” because it is an original anime, not based off of a manga or novel) directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, which are broken up into several series taking place in different time periods. This postcard shows the very very first, simply titled Mobile Suit Gundam, which aired in 1979! I was negative 13 years old! MSG takes place in the Universal Century (UC) year 0079, which equates to our 2179, during a huge conflict known as the One Year War between the forces of the Earth Federation and Zeon. For purposes of this post, just consider the Earth Federation as the protagonists and Zeon as the antagonists. Anyway, the show starts with the Earth Federation’s White Base (basically the mobile HQ) settling down at a research facility in one of the space colonies, just to get surprise attacked by Zeon forces. Many of the civilians and Federation crew members are killed in the attack, and the survivors are brought aboard the White Base, becoming recruits in the process (whether they like it or not – FYI most didn’t). One member, Amuro Ray (shown here in the bottom-left), comes across the prototype housed in the colony, the RX-78 Gundam, which is the mecha ( = really really big robot) shown here, and with a combination of robotic knowledge and intuition, becomes its pilot for the Federation forces. This post could get EXTREMELY long, so I will shorten it by quickly naming those on the card and then saying my thanks! From left to right (excluding Amuro): Char Aznable (of the Zeon forces – best character!), Bright Noah (White Base commander), Mirai Yashima, Frau Bow, and Sayla Mass. Anyone who wants to talk Gundam, message me 😉 Thank you so much for this PERFECT postcard, Yoshimi!