This beautiful postcard was sent from Italy! This shows Capo Vaticano, a cape located in the region of Calabria, which is found at the toe of Italy’s “boot”. I was curious as to what constitutes a cape, so I asked my admin team (= asked myself) to research it! In short, a cape is a body of land that extends into the sea, kind of like a peninsula. What makes it different from a peninsula, though, is that it’s bordered by water on two sides (for peninsulas, it’s three sides, and the land connecting it to the mainland is usually thinner than that of capes). Capo Vaticano is known for being a superb destination for bathing and sunbathing, particularly because of its untouched natural beauty and secluded beaches. As you can see, the water is a vibrant blue, and in that vibrant blue water lives an abundance of sea creatures, which makes it a great spot to scuba dive. It also has some remarkable rock formations, like the whitish granite ones on this card, which have long been a wonder for geologists. Capo Vaticano and the cities of Calabria offer a real treat for the taste buds. In August, there’s the festival of ‘Nduja, where you can try a spicy sausage spread made with minced pork and chili peppers. Then there’s the city of Tropea (just northeast of the cape), which has a festival that celebrates the sweet-tasting red onion (Capo Vaticano is known for being an ideal spot to grow this vegetable). I feel like I come across so many awesome yet lesser known holiday destinations thanks to the exchange of postcards. Not all heroes wear capes. But some ARE capes. Thank you for yet another superb choice of postcard, for the information you included and for all your kindness and generosity, Antonella!