This is an Official Postcrossing card from France! What we’re looking at is a coastal view of the Brittany, a region on the western side of the nation. Brittany is probably best known for its history and Celtic tradition, and it’s been inhabited by man since a long long long LONG time ago! I’m talking tens of thousands of years ago! For this reason, there are innumerable landmarks present within its boundaries. This includes medieval fortresses, old residences, religious monuments, and probably the most unique – megaliths of the Neolithic period! (That’s over 10,000 years ago!) Megaliths are large stone creations that are made without any sort of material to keep it together. If you’re familiar with Stonehenge, then you know of one of the most popular megaliths. Brittany’s megaliths take the form of menhirs and dolmens. A menhir is a single upright stone, and a dolmen is usually a pair of stones holding up a flatter “capstone”, making it look kind of like a table. The exact reasons as to why these exist and who erected them is unknown, though it’s theorized that they were used for religious purposes or as tombs. Brittany also has its own languages – Breton and Gallo – which are classified as “seriously endangered” due to the huge decline in number of speakers. Fortunately, the number has been rising in recent years now that more schools have been teaching it. Outside of anything to directly do with culture, Brittany is furthermore known for its seaside activities and beaches. The entire region has plenty of coast to boast, so if you’re interested in hiking around, going for a relaxing walk, or setting sail on a traditional sailboat, you’ll be happy you visited! Thank you so much for this beautiful postcard, Caroline!