Here is a postcard I received from Canada! I’ve talked about Toronto and Manitoulin Island recently… but now we switch gears to a completely new area (that is not in Canada, if you haven’t already guessed) – it’s Cambodia! I think I have yet to receive a card postmarked out of there, but this card brings me closer than I’ve ever been! For those who might not be familiar with the location of this country, it borders Thailand in the northwest and Vietnam in the southeast. You may have heard of Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple complex, which is one of the landmarks most associated with this country. The ethnic majority of Cambodia is Khmer, which is native to the country and uses a language of the same name. “Khmer” is pronounced “kuh-MEHR”, in case you were wondering (which you know means I was wondering!) This postcard makes reference to Takeo Province, which is found in the southern part of the country, bordering Vietnam. It’s known as the “cradle of Khmer civilization” because of how the Khmer Empire succeeded the Chenla Empire that was based in this area (that’s as far back as the 800s!) This makes it the oldest province in Cambodia. Takeo province therefore has many landmarks of cultural significance, such as the temple of Phnom Da, located in Angkor Borei district. There is way more that could be said about Cambodia as a whole but… I guess we can leave that for the next time a card like this comes my way! Future Tyler needs something to do, after all! Thank you so much for sharing this postcard with me!