I received this Official Postcrossing card from France! This is an interesting black & white postcard series called “Douce France”, which features pictures taken by the Roger-Viollet photography agency, founded in 1938 by Hélène Roger-Viollet and husband Jean-Victor Fischer. This agency was renowned for its archives of over 150 years’ worth of history, on local, national and international levels. The photographs were largely based around things like historical events (especially during and after WWII) and daily life, kinda like which you can see here. Black & white cards are a pretty hot commodity in the Postcrossing scene – they’re charming, simple, and offer a realistic and perhaps ethnographic insight into life in another country and/or another time period. By the way, I really hope I don’t use the word “ethnographic” too loosely – ever since I learned that word I’ve been using it about as much as I use nutritional yeast on my pasta. And that’s a ton. Anyway, come enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as we admire this card! Thank you so much for choosing this one for me, Danielle!