I received this postcard from Indonesia! What a cool top-down view of the capital this is – you can even see the clouds! (Wait, no, Tyler, they’re markings from the postcard’s travel…) I’m sure at some point during my APFY “career” I’ve shared about Jakarta before… but I guess it doesn’t hurt to start out somewhat fresh! Jakarta is the current capital of Indonesia… I say “current” because there is actually a proposal to move the capital to East Kalimantan, located on a completely different island. Anyway, Jakarta is located on Java Island, right at the northwestern coast. And it’s one of the cities I got to visit back in 2015! (That’s like five years ago!) What a heck of a trip that was – got to see and experience things unlike anything I’ve seen and experienced before, and had the privilege of meeting some of the COOLEST Postcrossers in existence! Okay back to the card now! This view here is of the bustle in Central Jakarta. I’m sure you can see all those cars, and I can attest to the traffic situation, that can get rough for sure. Right in that circular area in the middle of the card is the Selamat Datang Monument. “Selamat Datang” is “welcome” in Bahasa, and welcome you to the city is what it does! We’re too far up in this view to see the monument clearly, but it is a bronze statue of a man and a woman waving. Sitting around the roundabout are several luxury hotels, such as the Mandarin Oriental (lower-right, with the triangular top) and the Grand Hyatt (top-left, looks like stairs). Oh, and that really tall building on the left side would be the CDM Bank BCA building. This view here makes me wanna go through photos of my trip here! (Or better yet, – return!) Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful postcard, Ayu Dwi, and for all your kindness and friendship!