A deliciously marvelous handmade postcard came my way from Indonesia! I always seem to write a post about these kinds of cards when I’m hungry… or maybe I just think I’m hungry because I’m staring at it unblinkingly. J.CO Donuts & Coffee is an Indonesian-based chain that competes against similar cafes like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Don- I mean – DUNKIN’ (yeah I’m a tad salty about the name change…) To my recollection I’ve never been to a J.CO Donuts but it looks like my kind of place for some sugary goodness. Okay no lie my stomach just rumbled so I can indeed confirm I am hungry. Yep there it goes again. For psychological purposes I need to move on to my next post. But I LOVE THIS CARD! Thank you Deassy for doing this for me, and for your friendship! (FYI my town has two Dunkin’s like 20 meters from each other – J.CO could EASILY open a store in place of one of them, just sayin’…)