We’re getting down to the wire with the Japan anime/gaming parcel contents! I recently posted about Final Fantasy – this is one of the many spinoff games for the PlayStation involving one of the most iconic characters, the Chocobo! Chocobos are very large birdlike creatures that resemble yellow ostriches. I would recommend looking them up over relying on my unjust descriptions, though… Anyway, they first appeared in Final Fantasy II, and have made recurring appearances since then. They are intelligent creatures that understand the human language, and they are normally used as mounted transportation, kinda like horses. Oh, and they have a cute cry that goes “kweh”! This card features Chocobo’s Dungeon 2, where you play as a Chocobo named Chocobo (who would’ve thought?) and get to explore and treasure hunt in randomly-generated dungeons. I think the Behemoth shown here is one of the game’s enemies as they are enemies in several of the other games. And they are not as cute as this one (but they are cool-lookin’ as heck). For as obscure of a title as this is, it’s a wonder how a postcard exists of it. Thankweh very much, Yoshimi!