Drowned in love from Vermont! There is not much in this world more satisfying than watching a syrup waterfall engulf a 5×5 waffle topped with a generous prism of butter. And how about how those square indentations encase the syrup like little buckets of heaven? Fun fact: while these pockets (which don’t really have an official name…) are useful for toppings now, they weren’t always that way. Waffles date back to the medieval times, where they were used as communion wafers! At the time, there were some intricate religious designs imprinted on them. When the food became secularized, the designs got simpler. Probably didn’t need any grand designs when the purpose of them changed to filling the tummy. One easy design was a criss-cross pattern, and when such a pattern is engraved in a waffle iron, it makes one of these! BTW feel free to comment below if you’re Team 100% Pure Maple or Team Aunt Jemima. Let the waffle wars begin. Thanks so much for sending this thoughtful and marvelous postcard to me, Cris!