Look at this gorgeous postcard design from China! I saw this being offered on the Postcrossing FB page and I was like – and I quote – “lkdsfjsahgs;gksd”. Or wait, maybe it was “lkdsfjsahgs;gkse”. One of those. But look at it! Something about those anime-style eyes always gets me, even if it’s such a simple detail. The feeling is akin to going to a bowling alley for its amazing arcade, and still enjoying everything else while you’re there. Maybe that’s not as relatable an example as I thought… but to heck with me! Big shout out to clkion (a Postcrosser user) who made this design, it’s SPECTACULAR! I love how well-spaced and proportional all the elements of this card are, first and foremost. Then of course the design is stunning! And the choice of icons to represent the country are perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this design with the world, it’s truly remarkable! And thank you, Briana, for agreeing to swap this bit of lovely loveliness with me!