Year: 2020

The Reichspost Sign!

This one is an Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This is a neat card featuring the post office sign of the Deutsche Reichspost, dating back to 1900. Reichspost was the name given to the imperial postal service that started with the onset of the German Empire’s formation (1871) and gave […]

The Worst Job…

This amazing handmade card hails from Canada, and boy is this a good one XD The use of a brownies box piece is very much intentional, too (I’m sure) XD Enjoy the laughs, my friends! (And to the sender, thank you soooo much for all the awesome cards you’ve sent […]

Selfies Like a 1400s Boss!

This postcard reached me from Germany! We’re gonna take a trip back about five centuries to the time of this painters existence – Albrecht Dürer! Dürer was a painter and printmaker from the Renaissance period (15th/16th centuries). While he did painting and some writing, his biggest artistic impact came from […]

Martian Tours!

Yussss, a Mars postcard from the UK! I believe in my latest post about Mars, we got to see a real look at the Red Planet’s surface ( In this one, we get to see what I can only imagine is space tourism, where couples can be flown around in […]