Thanks to the holidays, I get to share a few thematic postcards! My first one to share will be this cool Thai postcard sent from Canada! What you see here is a gang of tuk tuks, the popular taxi alternative of the Thai streets. These are three-wheeled vehicles that offer both tourists and residents alike a way to get from here to there. It is said that the name comes from the sound of the engines that the earliest models made (by those standards I think I finally have a name I can give my personal vehicle…) While they’re considered to be less comfortable than normal taxis and often priced the same, they offer a sense of adventure, especially seeing as they are open vehicles, and in times of traffic jams they can sneak on through small alleyways that normal cars can’t go through. So anyway, when I was looking at this postcard for the second time, I realized there was something a bit unexpected. Something that seems a tad out of place. Apparently when Santa Claus is visiting Thailand, he has to park his reindeer and take the tuk tuk instead (and I guess he clones himself too). I’m assuming this scene is part of Bangkok’s Christmas tuk tuk tours, with a Santa in every vehicle. Thailand only has a small Christian population but the holiday is recognized by the majority, so yeah, this therefore exists! Thanks so much for sending me this neat postcard and for the uplifting Christmas wishes!