Postcard #2 from the Japan bundle o’ joy! We’ve got some familiar faces here, back with another game! This time, the game is Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2, a 2004 game for the PS2. By the way, I personally still think PS2 is the best PlayStation platform to this day – kudos to modern day games but there will never be the magic that the late 90s and early 2000s had! Like Ninja Destiny, this one is a fighting game involving several characters from the series. I should mention that aside from the normal fighting mechanics, each character has a bunch of jutsus they can perform against his or her opponent. A jutsu is an action where the character releases energy from their chakra (which is like a form of life energy) through the combination of hand seals (hand movements). In other words, imagine using sign language as a way to summon creatures and clones for a powerful blow to the adversary. Having not watched the series I probably sound like an idiot for using that analogy but… what are ya gonna do? Thank you lots for sending me this cool postcard, Yoshimi!