This Official Postcrossing postcard is from New York! I’m sure this is an all-too familiar scene to many – Times Square, New York City! NYC is just like an hour and a half drive from where I live – I go up there for family trips, conventions, and once partook in the International Stamp Show a few years ago there. Times Square is a huge intersection in the city that is just bustling with pedestrian traffic and illuminated by electronic billboards left and right. The area officially became Times Square (formerly Longacre Square) in 1904 when the publisher of the newspaper “The New York Times” moved its headquarters there. Over time it saw a few major shifts in atmosphere; it started off as pretty upscale, with theatres and nice hotels, then kind of declined upon the onset of the Great Depression, where a rise in sexually-explicit shops, lack of cleanliness and crime occurred. For about 50 years it was pretty rough – hard to imagine how it came to be today! Luckily, with the help of government initiatives and the cooperation of businesses in the area, many efforts were put forth to reverse the cruddy conditions of the area. And if I had to make an evaluative leap… I’d say they succeeded! You can now find places like Madame Tussauds, Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, the M&Ms store, and the Olive Garden that I always go to when I visit with my grandmother. This is also home to a VERY well-known New Year’s Eve celebration where a giant ball gets dropped to signify the new year. It is filled with musical performances, crowds like you would not believe, and lots of glasses made out of the numbers of the upcoming year. Oh, and Ryan Seacrest. Always fun to watch this at home – but I’ve heard being there in person is a major claustrophobia trigger. Go to the bathroom first before you partake… or bring a bottle and a really long coat! Thank you so much for sending me this awesome postcard, Ann Marie!