This is an Official Postcrossing card from Scotland! I know – I, too, want one of these as a pet. Cow-tipping is out – cow-hugging is in!  These are Highland cattle, residing in the Scottish Highlands (pretty much the northwestern half of the region). You can identify this type of cattle primarily by the length of its hair, which is the longest of any cattle breed. They actually have two coats of hair – one oily layer on the outside that prevents rain from seeping in (rainfall is heavy in the Highlands), and one layer on the inside that helps to keep them warm during the infamously rough Highlands winters. Aside from the long hair, Highland cattle also have short legs and are about medium-sized compared to other cattle. One other thing that separates them from the others is how well they forage for their food. They eat grasses and other types of plants that other cattle might ignore, including invasive shrubs and weeds. It kinda makes them ideal for pastures in this sense! (If being insanely adorable wasn’t already ideal enough…) Their horns also help them to dig through snow to get to what’s underneath. Despite the otherwise harsh conditions of this mountainous area, they sure have their bases covered! Now if you were looking at this picture hungrily rather than charmedly, you’re in luck! Highland cattle are renowned for the high quality of beef they yield. Because their hair, rather than fat, keeps them insulated, there is low fat (and cholesterol) content. On the contrary, their milk contains quite a bit of butterfat. If you fall into this category of viewers, you’re probably a coyote. But coyotes are welcome on the page just like anyone else. Thank you for sharing this super card with me!