I got this awesome Official Postcrossing card from Thailand! Without even looking in the bottom-right corner, some of you probably know what anime/manga series this is from! If not, you have my permission now to look at said corner – yes, this is from Naruto! Naruto is one of the longest-running anime/manga series, boasting a combined total of 720 episodes (I say “combined” because that includes both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden), putting it right underneath anime giants ONE PIECE and Detective Conan. I think I’ve watched one episode of this – as with some of the other giants, there are just so many episodes that the undertaking is a bit intimidating! But I love this card! The character depicted here is the shinobi (ninja) Neji Hyūga, the cousin of Hinata Hyūga (one of the main characters). Neji’s relation to Naruto (the main protagonist) started during the Chūnin Selection Exams (a promotion opportunity for ninjas), where the two eventually faced off. Prior to this, Neji held the notion that his path was predetermined (which was instilled in him from a series of childhood happenings). After a pretty eventful fight, Naruto defeated Neji, in the process helping him break free of his fatalist beliefs, thus catalyzing a friendship between the two. I can’t tell you how darn TOUGH it is to describe anime characters in a nutshell whom I haven’t gotten to already know, so for those of you who have seen the anime or read the manga, feel free to share your thoughts below! (Just no spoilers!) Thank you so much for this marvelous postcard, Ploy!