The other day I got a motherlode of amazing anime/gaming postcards from Japan! I will be posting them here and there as there are quite a few (plus an extra goodies that made me leap with joy!) To start will be this one featuring Naruto! I did a post on Neji Hyūga from the series just a few days ago (you can see him depicted second from the right). Anyway, as I might have said before, it’s pretty difficult to summarize the entire series concisely, but I can say it involves a ton of ninjas and a vicious spirit locked up inside of Naruto Uzumaki (the main character, shown on the front-left) known as the Nine-Tails. Maybe I should watch or read it someday, when I have about three years to spare! This card features a 2006 Nintendo DS game titled “Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden” or “Ninja Destiny”, which is a fighting game where you can play as a number of the main characters from the series. Thank you lots for this marvelous postcard and the many cards to be featured on this page, Yoshimi!