This is a postcard from the Philippines! First of all I wanna say that I REALLY like this kind of illustration! It reminds me of artwork I’ve seen in a few indie games. What this shows is the Manananggal, a mythical creature of the Philippines. If the pronunciation of that word isn’t enough to scare you, the vampiric tendencies of it might! The Manananggal is a female creature that looks like a normal woman in the daytime; at night, she sprouts wings like those of a gargoyle, and her torso separates from the rest of her body, so it looks like a flying half of a body (THIS is what I think makes it unique). So yeah, its upper half goes out to look for food while the lower half sits and chills out in one spot (the legs don’t move around). What kind of food does she look for? Does she go to the grocery store to buy chicken pot pie and collard greens? Sorry to say that it’s not quite that lighthearted. The Manananggal’s diet often consists of human organs – fresh ones, at that – and the most common target is pregnant women. Oof, I’ll forego the details on that one and let your imagination take over! Luckily, you can ward off the Manananggal with the help of salt and garlic, and know that if it’s separated from her torso by sunrise, it will die. That all being said… this one here is the friendliest Manananggal you’ll ever see! I love it so much! And “REYNA” is the word for queen, which is a fitting title for such an adorable man-eater. Thank you so much for sharing this sweet postcard with me, Nina!