Here’s a postcard that just hopped off the Catbus and into my mailbox from the Netherlands! Most of you probably recognize what this scene is from – Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro! Fun fact: I only just watched this for the first time a few months ago! I don’t know how many countries are doing this, but there is a Studio Ghiblifest going on, where many of Hayao Miyazaki’s films are being played at theatres all over the place. I got to catch this one and I was not disappointed! I first loved how much emphasis was put on details and impressive animation – nothing cheapened, no corner cutting, just true desire to give the viewers a radiant hour and a half of beautiful artwork. I also love how youthful curiosity and personalities are portrayed, in this film and in the others that I’ve watched (e.g. Kiki’s Delivery Service, Secret World of Arriety and Whisper of the Heart). It’s neat how quick the children (especially Mei, the younger one, who is the first to encounter Totoro) accept the fantastical pals they come across in this film, after maybe an inkling of mild disbelief. And, I have to say I really enjoyed the soundtrack of this movie! That wasn’t something I expected to stand out but it did! I highly recommend taking part in this whimsical experience if you haven’t already (which is about 5% of the world’s population… I’m late to the game…) Thank you so much for sending me this extraordinary postcard, Darja!