I received this postcard from Germany! A few weeks ago I did a post on the island of Rügen, featuring a number of the coastal attractions. Today I’m showing you a couple others plus some of the manmade sights you can find there. From top to bottom, left to right, let’s explore what’s shown here! (Oh that’s eight items to research… darn multi-views! JK) The first one shown is the Cape Arkona Lighthouse, which is actually made up of two lighthouses from the 1800s and a radio navigation tower. This now houses a museum and some observation decks for looking out at the island. Next is the “Kreideküste”, or chalk coast of Rügen. I talked about this previously so… TYLER GETS A PASS! Next is Rasender Roland, a.k.a. “Raging Roland”, which is a railway traversed by locomotives, some as old as nearly 100 years. It is a narrow-gauge railway, which means that the space between the rails is smaller than normal (standard) railways. Then there is Sellin Pier, found in the town of Sellin (eastern Rügen), which has a restaurant and a “diving gondola” (which is kinda like a submerged observation deck – pretty cool!) On the upper-right side of the card is Pfarrwitwenhaus, one of the oldest houses on the island, located a little south of Sellin. This was built in the 1700s and now serves as a museum. To the north of Sellin is a long strip that marks the boundaries of the resort town known as Binz. Thanks to that long strip, Binz gets a bangin’ beach and some really neat buildings along its coast, including the one shown here, which is Granitz Hunting Lodge. Putbus is a town west of Sellin (for some reason Sellin became my reference point for all these places…), which is deemed as the oldest resort town in Rügen. Shown here is the Circus, which is a pretty cool circular architectural arrangement if you were to zoom out. Lastly, here is Bergen, the capital of the Rügen, found a little closer to the middle of it. The building shown here is the Ernst Moritz Arndt Tower found on the Rugard, the highest elevation point on the island.  Holy mackerel that was a lot – I will now be taking my Rügenology bar exam with this knowledge – wish me luck! Thank you so much again for all the wonderful cards you’ve sent me, Jule-Blau!