I got this neat international Postcrossing meetup postcard from Norway! As most meetup cards seem to be, this one was a surprise for me – yay for being thought of! This meetup was held in the city of Sarpsborg, located in one of the southernmost counties of Eastern Norway. Sarpsborg is an industrial center that sits right by the Glomma River, Norway’s longest river. This is where you’ll find the largest and most powerful waterfall in Europe – Sarpefossen, or Sarp Falls, which is the last waterfall along the Glomma. Speaking of waterfalls, another one that exists in Sarpsborg is the one shown on this card – the Sølvstufossen waterfall. This waterfall is part of the Ågårdselva River, which merges into the Glomma from the northwest almost at a perfect right angle. This river is particularly known for its plentiful reserve of salmon – great for fishing! (Ergo eatin’ some good seafood!) Above the picture of Sølvstufoss is a statue of St. Olav, or St. Olaf, the founder of Sarpsborg. The city was founded in 1016 (at the time it was just Borg), when the Viking king came upon Sarpefossen. So, this means the city just recently celebrated a millennium of existence! Now THAT’S something to boast about. Lastly, on the left side is Glengshølen, one of the bays of the Glomma. As the Glomma heads toward the city from the northeast, Glengshølen protrudes from it to the left – it’s like the Glomma’s big goofy nose on a map. I’m sorry I just needed to be immature for at least one sentence, it’s a personal requirement! What’s shown on this card is a bridge path that goes over this bay, which serves as the starting point for several hiking trails. This is a pretty neat and lesser known area, and given its location in Norway, PERFECT for an international Postcrossing meetup! Thank you so much for sending this to me and for thinking of me, Kari!