I received this Official Postcrossing card from Texas! What’s featured here is El Paso – literally, “the pass” in Spanish – located on the western end of the Lone Star state in the Chihuahuan Desert. It sits right next to the Rio Grande river, which forms the border between Mexico and Texas (the city is very close to Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez). Because of this, there is a huge presence of Mexican culture evident throughout the city. For example, the El Paso Historic Mission Trail exhibits three Spanish colonial churches within its 14.5 km midst. On this same trail you can encounter San Elizario Old County Jail, where the notorious Billy the Kid (an outlaw gunslinger of the 1800s) broke into to save one of his imprisoned friends. And apparently he’s broken out of jail a number of times himself! El Paso is also very popular for its Tex-Mex cuisine (a portmanteau – oh how I love that word – of “Texas” and “Mexico”), which often consists of things like tortillas, cheese, beef, and tacos. Due to the risk of damage to my keyboard from rivers of drool, I am abstaining from further research on this subject. For the outdoor-goers, the Franklin Mountains, which extend north from El Paso, offer great hiking spots, thanks to Franklin Mountains State Park. There are also plenty of museums and water parks and breweries and… y’know, the normal package! El Paso additionally boasts as one of the safest cities in the US (especially considering its size, as it is the 4th-largest in the state and 22nd-largest in America). Very much worth visiting – don’t pass this pass, folks! Thank you so much for sharing this postcard with me, Erika!