By now you should know of my adoration of food cards… and that’s still very much the case with this one from the Netherlands! This is an Official Postcrossing card featuring four delicacies of this lovely country. We’ll start in the upper-lefthand corner with boerenkool! Boerenkool is a type of “stamppot” that usually consists of kale and potatoes (a “stamppot”, or literally “stomped pot”, is the the combination of mashed potatoes and vegetables like kale in this kind of manner). This is usually served with smoked sausage and is an appetizing treat especially during the Autumn and Winter. It’s also a common dish for New Year’s Eve, akin to pork chops and sauerkraut in my neck of the woods. To the right is the Dutch word for cheese, and the unironic picure of cheese to accompany it. I’ve talked about how big cheese is in the Netherlands in a previous post (the one talking about Gouda, specifically), so we’ll cut corners on talking about this one. But that’s not to downplay how amazing it is! On the bottom-left is bitterballen, which is a kind of deep-fried snack food containing some sort of savory filling (usually beef). So as you can imagine, these are not in any way bitter. They’re part of a bittergarnituur, or “garnish for bitters”, which is the name given to snacks to accompany some drinks at places like pubs. So, “bitter” refers to those drinks, rather than the food! Finally, there is the herring, which is one dish that I’ve tried (and really enjoyed) in this country! Herring (which is a fish) is often served by outdoor vendors with raw onions and some pickles, and you eat it using a toothpick. It gets a large portion of its flavor from enzymes in the pancreas that help with preservation and thus requires less salt. I remember the first time I ordered herring, I thought the raw onions in picture was rice XD Good job, Tyler, here’s your Silly Tourist award! Thank you so much for this superb postcard, Petra!