Here’s a postcard sent to me over Official Postcrossing from Tennessee! Today I’m featuring a work by Kate Norris, a mixed media collage artist. Okay, the only thing that’s mixed is my brain, in the “up” direction – what on Earth kind of art is that? Check this out – Kate forms her art by taking very small pieces of torn vintage wallpaper and old illustrations and assembling them to create something new. Hence, “What Is Old Is New”! If you look closely at this skull, you can see that it’s really an amalgamation of small pieces, arranged so carefully as to make it not blatantly evident that it’s a collage, but evident enough to invoke admiration of the intricate use of the wallpaper. On the right and left sides of the noggin area, you can also see images of tiny people! What a fascinating artform! I find that a bit of irony in this too – something new is borne from all the pieces of old materials, yet the thing that is being recreated is an object associated with death and decay. So I guess while what is old is new, what is also new is old. I feel like I’m in a time loop here! Thank you so much for sharing this marvelous postcard with me!