Check out this retro postcard from Finland! This might look like an ad card at first… and I guess in some senses it is, but it’s actually more so a retro collection card from a company known as Elka. Elka specializes in the retention of historical documents and media related to Finnish business life. It boasts as the only company of its kind in Finland. This is a place where researchers of all levels can come and peruse documents and keep copies of things if they would like. It kind of gives off an ethnographic vibe, though it’s more controlled than a museum environment. What’s cool though is that you don’t have to visit in person – you view the collections on their site! Such things you may come across include info on the Kiss-Kiss caramel candies from Fazer, Salora TVs, and the Finnair Caravelle plane, all of which are featured on this card. The only thing is, it looks like there’s a formal “ordering” process involved to obtain the actual documents and info. Luckily, the site also has the Aikakone (time machine), which can be accessed through the site listed here! This is more suitable for casual viewing and for those of all ages to explore. I especially enjoyed viewing the most recent post in the Aikakone about game character design workshops. I would have LOVED to try it, my video game character idea list is like kilometers long XD (And the entries submitted by the kids who took part in it are actually pretty cool.) Thank you so much for another marvelous postcard and for all your kindness, Päivi!