This is a postcard from Poland! What’s featured here is Kujawsko-Dobrzyński Ethnographic Park in Kłóbka, and small village in – you guessed it – Kuyavian-Pomerian Voivodeship. Kłóbka is known as the “Pearl of Kuyavia”, and among its confines is this ethnographic park, containing rural buildings dating back as far as the 1700s. I mentioned in a post fairly recently the meaning behind “ethnography” – so this is no exception! As you walk through, you are experiencing life in the village as portrayed by the traditional buildings and tools. The building shown here is the Orpiszewski Manor, which dates back to 1845. This is where Maria Wodzinski, who was at one point the fiancée of the famous Polish composer Frédéric Chopin, lived (the engagement was a failed one, unfortunately). Visitors can see portraits of Maria in the wing where she lived, and they can check out all the furniture and equipment in each room, which was restored based on historical records. The pictures around the building in this card show a number of the views of the manor’s interior. Until the time machine is invented, the ethnographic experience doesn’t get much closer than this! Thank you so much for sharing another lovely postcard with me, Magdalena!