Take a look at this Official Postcrossing card from Hong Kong! This here is a street scene of Wan Chai, one of the districts of Hong Kong. It’s located on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island, the island south of the larger New Territories area. Wan Chai is known for being a huge cultural and business center, filled with market stalls, restaurants, bars, and recreational places. As you can see here, it’s an area with quite the bustle. I’m trying to remember if I’ve visited Wan Chai before but all the districts seem to blend into one experience in my brain; plus I think I spent most of my time in New Territories. Wan Chai is also known for its somewhat recent rise in street art and street art festivals, ranging from works that closely resemble what some may call graffiti, to extravagant and remarkable murals (both have their unique charm, of course!) I can say that street art wasn’t particularly uncommon in the other regions, but it seems like Wan Chai’s art scene is arguably most noteworthy. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful postcard with me!