150 YEARS OF POSTCARDS! I know I posted about this a few weeks ago but there’s no need to stifle the excitement, even when it becomes 151 years! This beautifully-made postcard hails from Bulgaria! It looks like this is an official postcard seeing as on the back it mentions the printing house that produced it – sweet! This card mentions that the first postcard in Bulgaria was issued in 1892, and the production of different kinds of postcards became a regular thing thanks to the Postal Law of 1897. There isn’t really anything I could find online on the history of the postcard in Bulgaria, but that’s quite all right because I’m binge-scheduling my posts right now so I kind of needed a break. Let’s give it up for the origins of the postcard! And of course thank you so much, Gergana, for sending me the lovely parcel that this was a part of and for all your kindness!