This is a postcard from Russia! What we have here is a work drawn by Mariya Stupak, a Russian artist. Like Rina Zeniuk, there isn’t a whole lot about Mariya that I could find other than her works. Goes to show how under-the-radar some of these very talented artists are, only to be revealed thanks to the act of Postcrossing! Mariya’s illustrations are done in a lighthearted fashion, exhibiting humans and personified animals/objects like storybook characters. I get warm vibes from these lovely and very well-done drawings – and what better way to get a warm vibe than with a warm cup of tea from “The Tea Drinker”? (That’s the name of this card – I was trying to link what I was talking about to the card, I know it was a stretch…) Thank you so much for sending me this cute postcard, Ann!