What expresses a mother’s love to her son more than buying him a used postcard from the store? After a long night of panicking about car problems, flying, watching my Lyft driver get pulled over by cops, and dodging deer and alligators, I was presented with the previously posted card and this one here, thanks to my dearest mother. As I gawked admirably at my gifts from Savannah, it was then that her and my aunt noticed something slightly amiss. It turned out that this postcard had already been written on and addressed! This naturally led to an outburst of laughter and attempting to understand how in the world this even happened! Either the person simply forgot about it at the store, or realized postage was needed and said “eh, to heck with it”. I admit that I contemplated sending this out to the addressees but… as a noteworthy gift from my mom, I couldn’t help but keep it for myself. So to William and Erica from Florida – my deepest apologies! Maybe I’ll send you guys something from PA (actually that might be a bit creepy… let’s nix that idea). Thank you so much Mom for making my day with this one! I love you!