Going back to Australia to feature this adorable koala card! (By “going back” I mean figuratively, of course.) When it comes to cute animals that are native to this country, the koala almost always tops the list! They are found primarily in the eastern and southeastern parts of Australia. Koalas (often referred to as koala bears), as many of you may already know, are not bears but rather marsupials (so they have pouches, like the Tassies I talked about in a previous post). They make their habitats in the trees of forests thanks to their clawed appendages and ability to climb. Koalas are largely known for their eucalyptus leaf diet – a koala is to eucalyptus as a panda (another “bear”, as a matter of fact) is to bamboo. Also like the panda, koalas sleep a ton! While they are nocturnal creatures, they can sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day! Going back to their diet – eucalyptus leaves, while cool-sounding, are actually toxic. So koalas… Y U eat toxic food? They have a special organ with a bunch of bacteria that help break down the poisonous food to a nutritional level. Quite convenient, because they’re very fussy eaters! Eucalyptus leaves also provide most of koalas’ water for the day, so they rarely need to take actual drinks. Something I found that blew my mind: the joeys (baby koalas) don’t have the developments needed to process eucalyptus leaves. So, the mother passes on to them a secretion known as “pap”, which is similar (though not the same) to droppings. This pap allows the joey to be fed semi-solid food in a tolerable fashion, all the while obtaining the toxin-processing bacteria from the mother! Like, talk about an insanely cool adaptation! Koalas for life, bro – thank you so much for this amazing postcard!