So about a month ago my brother embarked on a trip to New Zealand and Australia! Because he oh-so loves his older brother, he gave me this and another card from his travels as soon as I returned from South Carolina. He made sure to give me postcards of areas he actually visited in these countries – props to ya, brotha! This card here shows Queenstown, a resort town located in the region of Otago in the southern half of South Island (the biggest island). Originally settled in by the indigenous population, the Māori people, Queenstown is largely known for its adventure tourism, particularly with things like skiing, bungee jumping, skydiving, and jet boating. If you’re big on the outdoors, this is the place for you. It’s also home to a number of wineries and spas, and there’s no scarcity of Māori heritage that you can learn about here either. Queenstown also offers a plethora of nature eye candy! As you can see in this card, the town sits right by a body of water known as Lake Wakatipu, which is kind of Z-shaped when you look at it on a map. Then, as a bangin’ backdrop to the lake, there are The Remarkables, which are those mountains you see here. And while “The Remarkables” sounds like the name of a 70’s sitcom, it’s still a fitting name given their beauty and apparently because they are only one of two mountain ranges in the world that run directly north to south. And, as you can imagine, they are HUGE for skiing in. Fun fact that many may already know: many parts of “The Lord of the Rings” were filmed in the Queenstown area! Don’t worry, you CAN simply walk into Queenstown. Thanks Eric for the awesome card!