I’m glad I had my lunch before doing this post, or the research would slay me. Check out this postcard from Bulgaria! For those not very familiar with this country, Bulgaria is just the the northeast of Greece and right below Romania. It’s placement in Europe largely influences the cuisine that it offers. People consider Bulgarian cuisine to be similar to Greek and Turkish, and it shares certain dishes with countries in the Middle East as well as a few from India. Let’s take a look at some of the dishes feature here! A popular breakfast staple in the country is the banitsa, which is a buttery pastry dish made with feta cheese, yogurt and filo dough. Filo dough is the type of dough used to make baklava – it’s composed of those really really really thin layers of unleavened dough. I believe that all describes the Thracian banitsa; the pumpkin banitsa, as you can imagine, uses pumpkin, and is often served as a dessert. Stuffed peppers is another popular dish of Bulgaria, usually filled with a meat such as pork or veal and accompanied by rice and spices. Just by looking at this card, I’m seeing that peppers are quite the commodity. Then there is the stuffed carp, or ribnik, which is a festival dish of Saint Nicholas Day, or Nikulden (December 6th). The carp is stuffed with things like rice and walnuts and baked with a coating of dough. I’m not actually sure if this is what’s shown on the card, but recipes of course vary. As a matter of fact, most of these recipes vary from region to region based on the availability of certain ingredients due to climate. Welp, I’ll leave it at that for now – time to go get a second lunch. Thanks so much for another wonderful postcard, Maili!