This is an Official Postcrossing card from France! This was a card that was made for the May meetup in Grenoble, a French city located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (that’s kind of in the southeastern part of the country). It is alternately known as the “Capital of the Alps” due to its situation among the French Alps, and it lies at where the rivers Drac and Isère come together. Grenoble is known for its contributions in scientific industries (e.g chemical and electronic), though it was once a booming glove-manufacturing area (there is still a “ganterie”, or leather glove-making shop, that produces gloves by hand). Grenoble is also great for skiing and cycling, and you can find some extraordinary treats such as Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage, which is a type of blue cheese (I am so in love with blue cheese I could eat a whole wheel of it right now…) Shown here is a route making its way around the Chartreuse Mountains, which are north of Grenoble and separated from the city by the Isère. My humble guess is that the Isère is depicted next to the road on the card. This card also cites the Grande Chartreuse, which is a monastery of the Carthusian Order (a Catholic religious order) that’s located up in these mountains. Chartreuse is also an overlooked color – it’s kind of between green and yellow (maybe like a Granny Smith apple? Or snot? The former is more pleasant…) But more to the point – the Chartreuse Mountains are great for winter sports, hiking, climbing, and enjoying the eponymous Chartreuse drink, which is a liqueur made in this area. But make sure you hydrate properly if you’re hiking your way to get this beverage! Thank you so much for this lovely meetup postcard, Marianne!