Check out this cool card from Indonesia! This is a meetup postcard from that good ol’ Indonesian Postcrossing Community! Allow me to share a bit about the things featured here. First is kerak telor, which is a Betawi omelette dish (Betawi = natives of Jakarta) that consists of egg, shrimp, and fried coconut shavings known as serundeng which can be served dry or wet. I feel like I might’ve had serundeng before… although I’m pretty sure I haven’t tried kerak telor. Second is the National Monument, or Monas (shortened version of “Monumen Nasional”), which signifies the struggle for Indonesia’s independence. What you see here is actually just the top of the monument, which shows the observation deck and the Flame of Independence that sits at the very top. I have seen this monument lit up at night during my stay in Jakarta! Third is a typical and very historically-rooted dance known as the Topeng dance, or mask dance. This is a dance that dates as far back as the 10th century AD and naturally features dancers with masks, which are either worn or held during the performance. Finally, there is the old port of Sunda Kelapa. While now a minor port, it once was a major player in trade during the Dutch East Indies Company occupation in the early 1600s. One can come here to see the existing ships and learn the history of the port. I’ve gotta say, the creator of this card made some good choices with what to feature: food, identity, tradition, and history. And the KPI strikes again! Thank you so much for the wonderful postcard, Dini!