So this past weekend I took a little escapade to do some walking for breast cancer awareness! For the past four years, I had been walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day in Philadelphia; this year, I took part in Pledge the Pink in Fripp Island, South Carolina! This was also a 3-day, but instead of 60 miles, it’s 30 miles. It was boatloads of fun without too many leg pains! (Though I did get a blister on my knuckle – I’d explain what happened but it’s funnier out of context XD) This postcard here was actually sent to me a while ago when I purchased some PTP swag. “Fancy Camp” is the name given to the super accommodation we stayed at near the beach! “Fancy” is also the name of the PTP fancy flamingo mascot. Lots of walking, lots of eating, lots of photo-taking, lots of pink-wearing, and lots of family bonding time – this was definitely a starkly positive contrast to the other parts of my past week! More postcards of my mini-trip to follow!