I received this Official Postcrossing card from Taiwan! This is a cute postcard showing a series of Taiwanese taxis, taking passengers from one end of the postcard to the other. Something good must be happening on the left side to warrant all that traffic! It’s kind of neat seeing all the different taxi builds here – also, I’m a bit fascinated that the taxis in Taiwan are the same color as those you would normally see in the US! Fun fact: taxi fares in Taiwan are pretty expensive when compared to other public transportation in the country, but cheap when compared to taxis from other places in the world. Also, there are supposedly TONS of taxis in Taiwan. This card is therefore no exaggeration! Thank you so much for sending this lovely postcard my way, Pei! (I was also told that this was the sender’s first registered postcard over Official Postcrossing! It’s an honor – may many cards come your way now!)