“Yer gonna wanna check out this varmint from a lasso’s throw up north in Canada! If yer not reading this in the voice of a 1930s movie cowhand, I reckon ya better ante up and start doin’ so, quick-draw.” Okay nah it’s hurting my voice. This is a card from Harolds Club, a casino that existed in Reno, Nevada until 1999 when it was demolished. Specifically, this features the Roaring Camp gun collection, which displayed five centuries worth of antique weaponry. Such subjects included guns used by famous and notorious people, ones used by actors, and full collections that contained every manufactured weapon of that brand. While it was probably less of a museum and more of an elaborate display, admission was free, and the atmosphere of it was reminiscent of the stereotypical Wild West. In 1993 all of the weaponry was auctioned off, shortly preceding the full closure of the casino. “Gosh dern it I missed it, just like I missed Crazy George in mah last duel. Time ta go cuddle with my horse fer consolation.” Sorry that got weird. Not sorry enough to delete it though. “Plenty thanks fer the banger of a card, Canadian patnah!”