I was presented with this fine postcard from Ohio! As many of you may know, the 150th anniversary of the postcard was celebrated recently! October 1st, 1869 was the date in which the first postcard was officially issued. To clarify in advance: other similar pieces of ephemera (items like stationery and cards in which the use is short-lived) were invented/proposed in certain countries, such as the postal card of the US in 1861. 1869 is when the first postcard was recognized and issued by the post office. This is thanks to Emanuel Herrmann, an Austrian economist who proposed the idea to implement an alternative to writing letters, the latter which could take quite a bit of time and could be costly. Postcards, consequently, were cheaper, and one could write the address on the front and a message on the back (there were no pictures on the original postcards). The initiative caught on with other countries (some of which had already considered the idea of the postcard), and ever since it’s become a charming and easy method of communication. The Official Postcrossing site shares some of the amazing events that took place in honor of postcards’ 150th, including meetups, tours, commemorative cancellation/stamp/postcard issues, and even the offering of free postage for outgoing cards (shouts out to Kosovo for that one!) 150 years without obsoletion and still runnin’ strong! Let’s go for 150 more! #happy2169thanny I’m so grateful for this wonderful postcard, Willa! Thank you so much for sending it to me!