Take a gander at this neat postcard from Italy! What we have here is a work of art by a man known as Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Klimt was a symbolist painter, with “symbolism” referring to the use of symbols to express ideas, which contrasts greatly with movements such as impressionism and realism. Klimt, who was talented at a young age, took part in a number of art commissions for public venues such as museums and universities. His symbolic paintings were not always well taken by the public – mind you, at the time, there were some pretty solidly-established traditional values in place, so Klimt’s works were kind of ahead of their time. He later became president of the Vienna Secession movement, which was a reaction to this level of artistic conservatism. One of Klimt’s trademark themes is that of the female figure (which was also pretty controversial as some of his works were seen as overly erotic and exotic). This work here, known as “The Waiting”, is a part of a larger frieze, which is a horizontal band of painted works. This nine-paneled mosaic centers on “The Tree of Life”, and this panel shows “Expectation”, personified by a women awaiting and expecting a defining moment, on the brink of discovery of something or someone (had to largely borrow the senders’ words for that, couldn’t have said it better myself!) As you can see, this is highly indicative of Klimt’s symbolist themes on a number of levels, among them being the tree itself, the woman herself, and even the pyramids on the woman’s garments. Thank you so much for such an interesting and beautiful postcard, Antonella, and for all your kindness, fact-sharing and always putting me on the brink of discovering such new and amazing things!