Check out this postcard from New York! The sender brought this card over from a trip to Alaska, and it features a moose with her dear offspring! The description of the picture is something about a “cow moose” with her young one… I was over here thinking a “cow moose” was a like a species of moose or something, kinda like a “fox squirrel” or a “wolf goat” (actually wolf goats only exist in the video game I’m playing… my worlds intersect too much…) The term “cow moose” is really just a determination of its gender; “bull moose” works the same way (cow would be female, bull would be male). An easy way to determine this is through the presence of antlers – cow moose don’t have antlers, while bull moose have them. And they can be pretty heavy, weighing up to 18 kgs – that’s like carrying two car tires on your head! Another way to tell them apart is the presence and size of the flap underneath the moose’s chin, known as a bell. You probably have seen this on the typical bull moose, and while cow moose have it too, it’s not nearly as large. So yes, we DO need more cowbell! No one really knows what bells are used for, and while there are some theories on it, for now it stands as another way to identify male versus female. Fun (but painful) fact: in really cold weather, bells can freeze and break off. And while that’s probably not a crippling occurrence… that’s really gonna smart. Thank you lots for sending me this cute postcard, Solomon!