I know Postcrossers be all about those Blue Cats! This Official Postcrossing card comes from Belarus! This one is titled “Jazz Cats” – which is perfect because “cats” is an anagram of “scat”, a type of vocal jazz accompaniment. The Blue Cats (yeah I’ll capitalize, it deserves it!) are one of Postcrossing’s most beloved collectibles. Thanks to Belarusian illustrator Rina Zeniuk, they frequently make their way to wish lists and swap albums. They’re a hot commodity even among the most fervent dog-people and ailurophobes (those with a fear of cats)! And y’know what? I can understand – they’re just so fun! While I don’t partake in the collection of certain series myself, this card has an oddly familiar charm to it, and it easily brought me a smile when I found it in my mailbox (and continues to do so!) I mean, you simply can’t not feel joy getting one of these! Thank you, Aliaksei, for bringing me that joy with this postcard!