This is an Official Postcrossing postcard from Hong Kong! This card is from the sender’s travels to Taiwan; shown here is Chung-shan Park, located in Taipei, the country’s capital. The main attraction at this park is Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, or “National ‘Father of the Nation’ Memorial Hall”. The building is dedicated to Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the first president of the Republic of China (“Republic of China” is the official name for Taiwan). Sun Yat-sen was known for his revolutionary political philosophies and disapproval of dynastic rule. The original intent of the hall’s creation was to allow people to bear witness to the relics of Sun Yat-sen’s accomplishments. It eventually became a meeting area for cultural, social and economic events, as well as a performance ground. The area around the hall is a pretty neat-looking park complete with gardens and a lake, known as Emerald Pond, which you can see here. Interesting to note is that there is also a memorial hall for Sun Yat-sen in Guangzhou, China, though the architecture of it is much different. Fun fact: for the past six years, the Golden Horse Awards (which is like a film award) have been held at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, and will do so again this coming November! Thanks so much for this beautiful postcard!