Bum ba dummm! Meetup card from the Netherlands! The meetup this time took place in the city of Groningen, located in the province of the same name up in the northeastern part of the country. Groningen province is largely known for its agriculture, and Groningen city is known for its culture (regular culture, minus the “agri-“… unless you can harvest diversity figuratively? Nah that’s a stretch…) It’s a university city after all – thanks to the likes of the University of Groningen – yielding a population where one in every five residents is a student. Can we say this is the Dutch Heidelburg? Some sights in Groningen include Martinitoren, which is a Gothic church dating back to the early 1200s, and the Groninger Museum, which has some doooope exhibitions! (Check out Daan Roosegaarde’s “Presence”, holy moly…) Depicted in this card is the Alettra Jacobs monument, featuring a bust of her up front. Alettra was a Dutch physician and a women’s rights activist, as well as the first female to enroll in the University of Groningen back in 1871. Her campaigns included those related to prostitution, birth control, peace activism, and – one that was highly successful in 1919 – women’s suffrage (right to vote). The emblem in the bottom-right is in dedication of 100 years of women’s suffrage in the Netherlands (which there’s ALSO an exhibition of in the Groninger Museum). Way to go, Alettra! And what a neat choice of theme for the meetup! Thank you so much for your unending kindness and thoughtfulness, Riek!