Take a look at this postcard from France! We’re looking at a view of Ajaccio, a town found in the southwestern part of the French island of Corsica. Corsica is actually directly south of Italy, and it bears the nickname “the Isle of Beauty” for just what you might expect – its incredible beauty! Ajaccio is one of the two major towns in Corsica (the other being Bastia, which is much further north), and it’s known for being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, arguably the most well-known military leader of the French Revolution. Many of the appeals of Ajaccio are related to Napoleon’s existence, such as Musée Fesch, which features pieces of art that his uncle (Joseph Fesch) collected, and the town hall. There is also this here, which is Place Foch, a plaza featuring the statue titled “Napoleon as First Consul”, surrounded by a fountain with four lions at the base. When I first looked at this, I thought it might be just a decorative Roman-style statue. Brrrrt wrong answer, Tyler! As the name suggests, this is a statue of Napoleon in the likeness of a Roman consul, commissioned in light of his then recent assumption as emperor of France in 1804. I’m a sucker for Roman/Greek statues so I think this is so so neat. Apparently Napoleon didn’t really think so, though, so his uncle ended up buying it. If you’re not feeling a Napoleonic adventure, you can also check out some of the cool beaches, cathedrals and culinary intrigues (such as wild boar stew!) Thank you so much for this lovely postcard and for all your kindness, Myriam!