Holy moly folks… what a heck of past couple of days it’s been. It probably wasn’t evident because the past like seven posts that I scheduled were all written with a chipper demeanor, but I’ve had some REALLY stressful goings-on lately (both distress and eustress – some things were brutally rough, some were awesome and fun!) Now I’ve run out of scheduled posts but I find this Official Postcrossing card quite fitting for the completion of my personal tribulations. Somehow I managed to make things work out in the end, and now I’m back to being able to relax! PHEW! It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we believe we can do it. Oh, and also when we fight the procrastination syndrome and actually go for it (I can’t count how many times I’ve told myself I’ll write a book someday… not realizing today is “someday”…) Wishing everyone a magnificent week! And thank you, YuRui, for this little bit of wonderful inspiration you sent to me!