Time to address the elephant in the room… this Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This shows a sight in Tasmania, Australia, at a place known as the Mount Elephant Pancake Barn.  Mount Elephant is a 300-meter high dormant volcano located in the southeastern part of the mainland (closest to Tasmania). It gets its name from the sleeping elephant appearance it has when looking from the south. The pancake barn is actually located on the island of Tasmania, which happens to be south of this landmark. According to their website, they offer “Australia’s best pancakes”. They are known for their sweet and savory crepes, which can be filled with things like strawberries and salmon (maybe combined, if you’re culinarily weird like me?) You can even get spicy pancakes, to include those with chicken satay and curried chicken, and spiciness can be selected at mild, middle and volcanic, the last perhaps being an homage to Mount Elephant. The sign you see here is placed at their parking lot, making it very clear what fate you will face if you block the gate. Guess that means you can also enjoy the experience of BEING a pancake! Thanks so much for this awesome postcard!