Come and admire this adorable postcard from Australia! Many of you may know what these little critters are called – they are Tasmanian devils! These guys can only be found in the archipelago of Tasmania, which is located south of the main Australian island. So, Tasmanian devils are marsupials with black hair (and some white markings) and fairly plump tails, which stores fat for them. They have slightly disproportionate heads (which you can kind of see here) – thus, with the structure of their head and neck, they can serve some brutal bites. As a matter of fact, they have the strongest bite force quotient of all living mammals! A bite force quotient (BFQ) is kind of a measurement of the ratio between the animal’s body mass (in kg) and bite force (in Newtons). In other words, while the Tassie devils have small bodies, their bite is massive! (But they’re so cute I just might let one bite me.) Luckily, they are not dangerous to humans, unless of course threatened. They are however carnivorous, so they’ll eat other small animals as well as decaying meat (they’re scavengers). An interesting fact that the sender told me – like other marsupials, Tassie devils have pouches. But, their pouches open from the rear! I admit I was trying to wrap my head around this one for a bit. Oh, and for those of you who might have been as curious as me about if Tassie devils actually spin like a certain Looney Toons character… survey says, “spinning” isn’t a particular behaviour of theirs. Rather, the likeness might be in how enthusiastic they are about getting their food and biting away! I would totally hold these two close up to me and let them chomp my ears off, until I look like the mailman Tyler on my APFY FB page’s cover photo! Thank you so much for this fascinating postcard, Kim!